staticGurl in BOLD

In early December 2017 Ben Damann pitched a project to me – an opera featuring electronics and a soprano, in need of a character shaped in Jitter. He wrote …

The libretto will be highly minimalist and will entirely be in binary. I’m composing it in a pretty abrasive style to fit my roots in the hardcore punk scene, so each song will be extremely short and extremely fast with explosive electronics.

The voice is going to be saturated with effects so that it acts as another electronic track in a way.

BOLD was successfully performed at Eastern Illinois University April 27, 2018.  I had nicknamed this character “staticGurl” and formally named her Constance; she’s returning at age 42 after having been abducted Poltergeist-style as a small child. I love that she was part of an 8-song cycle that includes a piece titled “Glass Teeth”.

still image of composited MaxMSP+Jitter animated character
staticGurl [ tear ] has returned from another . . . place

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