early warning [ Aug 26 at MKE Fringe Fest ]

Work now in development : a 45-minute generative sound and vision work in a theatrical setting. Content unfolds a series of gestures discovered by considering solitary confinement in American prisons.

The work coincides with a national prison strike by inmates being put to enforced labor by for-profit prisons. This yet-to-be-titled work will be performed on August 26, 2018, at Vogel Hall, in the Marcus Center of Performing Arts, at Milwaukee’s Fringe Festival.

early warning

I’m performing as [ MANCO ] at Peter Woods’ album release show July 18, at Milwaukee’s Jazz Gallery.

It’s funny, a couple of weeks ago I had a great convo with another person teaching in new media at UW-M & he was like “Oh and they* think they’re just geniuses when they figure out that you can transform video or still images into audio” and I was like “Yeah its like visualizers, like I have to cure them of making visualisers … But so much depends on what the video source is, and why you’re shaping it into sound.”


sketching out the score
sketching out the score

Started working on the score today, shimmering static evidence of our longest ever war, in Afghanistan. This is just a hint, a sketch of woven static and video. It has a ways to go. It’s a lament, a hollowed out wail ~ generative & live performance sound & image ~  the piece’s called threnody { contingent overload unravels }.

BOOK OF JAMES { for parkland }

BOOK OF JAMES ⚡️ Dear members of Congress sending your thoughts and prayers to Florida AGAIN for this mass shooting. ⚡️ Your hands are busy endorsing checks sent you by the NRA, you can’t grasp at their dollars and clasp your hands to the Lord at the same time ⚡️You wave your faith at your constituents to get elected, then let them be cut down by weapons you yourselves have the power to regulate ⚡️ These lines chiding you come from the Book of James. It’s a book in the Bible you hold up with the flag and apple pie proclaiming your fitness for office. ⚡️After prostituting your faith to gain access to political office, you do NOTHING in service if the LORD of life you claim to worship ⚡️ This latest crop of unnecessary angels were made on Ash Wednesday, the opening of the season of repentance in Catholicism. ⚡️Speaker Ryan wears his Catholicism on his sleeve to keep his government job. Will he repent this Lenten season?⚡️You are, as the Bible you say is yours, already dead. ⚡️I spit on your graves. ⚡️#repent #liars #thoughtsandprayers #enough

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