[ false face doth hide what the false heart doth know ]

In early June I watched Kurosawa’s “Throne Of Blood”. My summer visual media studies will feature as many Macbeth adaptations as I can . . .  “Men of Respect”, a 1990 B-movie mob film starring many familiar faces came next; then Orson Wells’s 1948 adaptation, and the Fassbinder/Cotillard 2015 UK film.

Certain motifs from Macbeth are pleasant to consider at the moment, none more on-point than the dialogue between Lady Macduff and her child before Macbeth has them murdered. This dialogue becomes the visual, while Macbeth’s description of his own  behavior post-murder (the title of this post) becomes the audio . . .

… with a little editorializing of my own.

Looking forward to making images of key motifs or ideas from Shakespeare’s tale of treachery. Macbeth’s a rich source of symbolism for deeper thinking about contemporary challenges, and a reminder of their source in human behavior that transcends this moment.

BOOK OF JAMES { for parkland }

BOOK OF JAMES ⚡️ Dear members of Congress sending your thoughts and prayers to Florida AGAIN for this mass shooting. ⚡️ Your hands are busy endorsing checks sent you by the NRA, you can’t grasp at their dollars and clasp your hands to the Lord at the same time ⚡️You wave your faith at your constituents to get elected, then let them be cut down by weapons you yourselves have the power to regulate ⚡️ These lines chiding you come from the Book of James. It’s a book in the Bible you hold up with the flag and apple pie proclaiming your fitness for office. ⚡️After prostituting your faith to gain access to political office, you do NOTHING in service if the LORD of life you claim to worship ⚡️ This latest crop of unnecessary angels were made on Ash Wednesday, the opening of the season of repentance in Catholicism. ⚡️Speaker Ryan wears his Catholicism on his sleeve to keep his government job. Will he repent this Lenten season?⚡️You are, as the Bible you say is yours, already dead. ⚡️I spit on your graves. ⚡️#repent #liars #thoughtsandprayers #enough

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