j.fenlon portfolio

I use computers to make art. The resulting work may display in a gallery (as projected coding sketch, as giclee prints, as video installation), in a web browser, in social media, in a film/video screening.

What do images do? In the context of perfection demanded or expected by computers, what about the broken, the fractured image? What about the glitch, revealing the permeabiliy/fragility of digital media? Students and faculty where Screen/ing installed were afraid that the work brokenAlphabet, displayed on campus billboards, were evidence that the campus had been hacked. The campus pulled the work from exhibition until I edited in bumpers explaining. In a world of google-able answers and didactic websites, ambiguity triggers.

Screen/ing documents my 2017 solo show of the same title; work was shown on a variety of screens on a university campus. The data paintings most often show as videos in film festivals. Completed in 2013, I released i.thou [ final cut ] online 10/13/2017.

ungun has been touring in the group show UNLOADED since 2014 as a video installation (sometimes projected, sometimes on a computer screen) and has screened in film festivals internationally.

For my favorite random one-offs, .gifs, video clips, and browser-based coding experiments, go to confetti.