teaching practice


I started teaching while earning my MFA. Since 2008, it has been a privilege to have been trained by two different amazing corporations to provide Socratic-method, outcome-measurable instruction customized to the learner. In 2017 I started bringing these skills to art content, and publishing posts about teaching digital art practice on Medium.

ART316/412 : #glitchTutorial : tutoring Processing : holding the fire

I started thinking about "how to teach artists how to code" after hearing feedback from a handful of visual artists who took a Processing class in their BFA or MFA programs. Most of the artists I have taught are kinesthetic learners. Some had information processing disorders that serve their creative productivity well, but detract from working with computers. Others can find the shift from 'language as having meaning' to 'command language' very, very difficult.

I teach coding as a practice, equipping the artist with the reading and witing skills to create and edit coding tools in Processing. In a wandering guided exploration, students learn this programming language and make art.

Learning in a tutoring relationship, the student does not have the pressure of "mastering x number of elements of a curriculum" in order to "get a grade". It's all about building a skill to use independantly, to acheive your goals.

I have a room for students in my Processing tutoring practice. If you are interested in learning to code with the support of a master tutor, email me! We can discuss your needs and goals, and the cost of studying with me.