teaching practice


I started teaching while earning my MFA. Since 2008, it has been a privilege to have been trained by two different amazing corporations to provide Socratic-method, outcome-measurable instruction customized to the learner. In 2017 I started bringing these skills to art content, and publishing posts about teaching digital art practice on Medium.

ART316/412 : #glitchTutorial : tutoring Processing : holding the fire

In late summer 2017 I developed a tutorial series in glitch, at the request of a busy college student. Teaching onesself these skills using online tutorials can take a huge amount of time; I've filtered out a lot of noise and sharpened each activity to its technical core, while providing links to theorists and glitch artists who laid the groundwork for this art form in the '00's.

Lessons introduce a technically-demanding creative toolset quickly. In a world of apps it 's easy to forget the value of workflow, aesthetics, and sharp editorial skills. Lessons include:

DISPLACE : databending
FRAMES : approaches to glitching gif files
CAPTURE #GlitchInTheWild : screencapture & DRM glitch
CODEC : datamoshing / video glitch
PROCESSING : scripted glitching; #postGlitch explained
OVERLOAD : make your video card barf out cool art
LIVE : MaxMSP, QuartzComposer - #postGlitch
APPS : #postGlitch #tacticalGlitch

pad thai theory of glitch, created for the tutorial. gives it some perspective. A small group of students have taken the challenge. Would you like to participate? Email me!