teaching practice


I started teaching while earning my MFA. Since 2008, it has been a privilege to have been trained by two different amazing corporations to provide Socratic-method, outcome-measurable instruction customized to the learner. In 2017 I started bringing these skills to art content, and publishing posts about teaching digital art practice on Medium.

ART316/412 : #glitchTutorial : tutoring Processing : holding the fire

Teaching ART316/412 - Interactive and Multimedia Art Production at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

This class focuses on interactive technologies and aesthetics in contemporary art. How can interactive strategies engage the viewer with meaning? Students learn basic software development and real-time computational methods using MaxMSP+Jitter as their primary dev environment.

Students produce art objects and installations that ask us to interact with cameras and structured light (Kinects) for body- and motion-tracking, and/or Arduino sensors for motion or other tracking, and/or microphones for amplitude tracking, and/or MIDI and USB devices to control digital elements.

Other conversations include the role invited by the viewer in the work, and what that might mean; accessabilty and bias in the built world; distribution potential of this creation platform; and the potential of exhibiting work to an audience alienated by digital technology.